Try On at Home

Although we don't have any store-fronts, we've done something even better.

For no fee at all , you can try on The Beinoni from the convenience of your home!

Just order your Beinoni in the sizes you would like to try, and return the sizes that don't fit. You'll get fully refund and only get charged for what you keep - and did we mention free shipping and returns? Order your Beinoni today, risk-free.

Visit Us

If you would like to try on The Beinoni for yourself, you can visit us at our humble abode, in Seagate, Brooklyn, NY. Contact us to set it up.


From time to time we arrange a Pop-Up Shop, where you can meet us and try on in person, follow us on Instagram and sign up for our emails and texts to find out when we'll be coming enxt. Contact us if you'd like us to come to Your community!