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Let's get real

We live in a peculiar era, where on one hand we are asked to do things nobody has done before - spreading Yiddishkeit and Getlichkeit to the furthest darkest corner of the world.

On the other hand we are also being called to look inwards. A younger generation is demanding that we do the inner work that nobody has done before.

This is the ultimate embodiment of Chassidus - acknowledging the dynamic play between physical and spiritual.

In a new environment- we get to experience a wholesome soulful experience, the likes of which generations before dreamed of.

This magazine is dedicated toward that true expression of the soul - one that combines physical, mental and emotional health and allows for an even loftier experience with Hashem.

It's our hope that the content in this publication will help you take the next step toward your Geulah Protis (personal redemption) and ultimately to the Geulah Hashleima (the complete and universal redemption).

לע"נ הת' יוחנן ע"ה בן יבלחט"א אברהם מנחם מענדל שיחי

  • Boruch Noam DuBrow

    An Exceptional Development Coach with over 13 years of experience as an educator. He empowers individuals and organizations to discover their path, define their purpose, and create an “Exceptional” future.

  • Rabbi Ahrele Loschak

    Writer, editor and Rabbi, who lives in Brooklyn with his family. Editor of JLI’s popular Torah Studies program, he is passionate about teaching transformational Jewish ideas.

  • Shmuel Eagle

    Founder and lead accountant at Eagle Preparations, his goal is to create a streamlined, simple, and lucrative service for Anash of all walks of life

  • Rabbi Zalmy Raksin

    Founder and Executive Director at TAG Academy.

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