• Bearded Chabad Chossid wearing a Hat and Kapota in the Rain
  • Beinoni Stretchy Kapota Sleeve on an Arm
  • Bearded Chabad Chassidic Chosson Groom Wearing his Hat and Stretchy Beinoni Kapota with a Flower Pin at His Wedding
  • Wash & Dry

    Wash it cold.

    Dry it low. Repeat.

  • 4 Way Dynamic Stretch Chabad Kapota

    Dynamic Stretch

    You move and

    it moves with you.

  • Chabad Chossid holding his Beinoni Kapota


    Farbrang or Bein -

    this is made to last.

  • Non-Iron

    Don't be afraid to

    get rough with it.

Here's The Deal

If you're looking for a hottsy-tottsy fashion piece, you came to the wrong place.

I don't mean to be rude, I'm just being honest.

Our top priority is your customer experience, without it we have nothing. So then if I had told you this was some haute couture runway piece, I'd be lying.
No, this Kapota is for those seeking comfort without sacrificing on tradition. Those who want to be elevated yet stay understated.

Whether you're a seasoned father, a world traveler or a newly-wed, if comfort and convenience is on your mind, then bring it in, my guy, we're made from the same stuff.

I invite you to join us, get yourself a Beinoni Kapota and give it your best run. Feel safe knowing that you can return it for up to 36 days, that's our risk-free guarantee.

Whenever you're ready, there's a seat waiting for you at The Bein.

  • Modern Bearded Chabad Chossid Chef Eating Dinner Wearing a Stretchy Stain Resistant Machine Washable Beinoni Kapota
  • Bearded Chabad Chossid Runner Leaping Jumping in Running Shoes wearing his Stretchy Breathable Beinoni Kapota
  • Bearded Chabad Chossid Chosson wearing his hat and machine washable Beinoni Kapota at his wedding

Give the Gift of Comfort