Frequently Asked Questions

The Bein Brand

What is The Bein?

The Bein is a lifestyle brand with a focus on apparel worn traditionally by Lubavitchers.

What is a 'Bein'?

A gathering of friends to have L'chaim and share spiritual words of Inspiration Typically held on an Erev Shabbos or Yom Tov.
(ex. 'We got together and had a Bein')

Where do you ship to?

We offer fast and free shipping In the USA.

International orders are sent via the economy option on either USPS or UPS, and are unfortunately not eligible for free shipping. 

We are not responsible for any VAT or Import duties imposed on the shipment.

The Beinoni:

What does The Beinoni feel like?

The Beinoni should feel cozy like your favorite sweater. Light enough for a summer breeze yet substantial enough for a cold winter day. It should slip on easily, and feel cold to the touch.

Can I really wash it at home?

Absolutely. Your Beinoni will last many wash and dry cycles. The material is super durable and won’t fade. Heat ‘resets’ the creases, so once it goes in the dryer it will be left crease free, however don’t let it sit crumpled in that heat for too long! You may end up with a crumply looking Kapota.

Does this feel the same as the wool or silk I have at home?

Unlike the cheaper wools and silks we are used to, The Beinoni uses a high quality performance fabric, matching the weight of quality wool suits, so you’ll be sure this will last you a very long time. Though, unlike a wool suit, the Beinoni’s fabric is woven in a clever pattern that keeps it flexible and makes it breathable.

Can I iron my Beinoni?

You can, with care. For a crisp look, use your iron on it’s lowest heat, and use a towel between your iron and the Beinoni, you don’t want to burn the fabric.

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