Where does a Lubavitcher guy go for necessities? Up until recently, there weren't many Frum operated options, and us guys were left to shop everywhere but local...definitely nowhere that caters to a Lubavitcher guy's unique requirements.

The Bein is the first Lubavitcher Men's Lifestyle brand, with a mission to dress every Chossid comfortably and accessorize him properly, as he aught to be.

Making a grand entry was a no brainer, and so it all began with the launch of what truly was the inspiration behind the brand: The Beinoni. 
A Kapota that talks your language, that moves how you move, and lives how you live. The Kapota options available to us were too limiting, so we decided to create something unique for ourselves and for you.


The proud founders of The Bein are Tzvi and Yita Perlow, serial entrepreneurs, with a love for creativity and innovation. The couple worked on many projects together, including in digital, food, personal and corporate service industries.

Now, the two seek to expand the selection of comfortable apparel for the everyday Lubavitcher, making it easier to go about their mission in the world, with less frills getting in the way.


Join us on our journey, as we meet Tradition with Comfort.

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