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The Bein

The Beinoni

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- Machine Wash & Dry
- Dynamic 4-Way Stretch
- Wrinkle-Free
- Breathable, Natural Fiber Base
- Durable Performance Fabric Made to Last
- Made of Premium Rayon Blend
- Midweight
- Large Internal Pocket
- Made in the USA


Tattys rejoice! The Beinoni is here.
Rough it up, throw it in the washer and dryer, repeat.

Up your comfort. The Beinoni is a Kapota that stretches, NEVER needs dry cleaning and is wrinkle free. Made with durable material that is breathable and comfortable thanks to its natural fibers, and will last a very long time. It is versatile enough that you can wear it with fancy Shabbos pants or your comfy joggers.

Sound too good to be true? Try it on, then try to wear your wool Kapota... good luck!

Fit & Size Guide

Body: The Beinoni is a Classic Fit Kapota. Slightly tailored, but mostly relaxed. Great for those who like their clothing airy and non-conforming. If you like a tighter fit, size down.

Length: The available sizes are all Regular length, both in the sleeves and the overall body length till the knee.
See below how The Beinoni size compares to your dress shirts or suits.

BEINONI SIZE Shirt Size Sleeve Length Suit Size
XS 14.5 32/33 36-38
S 15 32/33 38-40
M 15.5 - 16 34 41-43
L 16 - 16.5 34/35 44-46
XL 17 - 17.5 34/35 47-49


Help Me: If you aren't sure what size to get, and you've already asked your Mashpia, feel free to buy two sizes and send back the one that isn't right*. Or message us and we will be sure to help you find the right fit!

*See Return Policy

- Model is 6ft, 160lbs. Wearing a Size Small.

Care Instructions

Made of Premium Sportswear Rayon Blend.
Wash Cold, Do not hang dry, Dry Low in the Dryer and lay flat upon removal. Do not Bleach.

  • Machine Wash & Dry

    Wash it cold.

    Dry it low. Repeat.

  • 4 Way Dynamic Stretch Chabad Kapota

    Dynamic Stretch

    You move and

    it moves with you.

  • Chabad Chossid holding his Beinoni Kapota

    Durable & Breathable

    Farbrang or Bein -

    Utilizing durable natural fibers, made to last.

  • Non-Iron

    Don't be afraid to

    get rough with it.

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